Commercial Buildings


New Commercial Buildings

Constructing your new commercial building will no longer cause you stress when working with us. All you have to do is provide the plans and we will get everything else done for you; from getting all the necessary permits, arranging for a draftsman to fine tuning the engineering details, as we know how time-consuming this period could be. No need to worry about inefficiencies as we clear out all the details before we start the project to ensure that you have the peace of mind that comes from a plan that works and a budget that fits.

The owner himself will oversee the construction to make sure that everything is running as scheduled and the building delivered in a timely manner, with all the little details attended to.

Le Pine Funerals, Glen Waverley

Funeral Homes

MP1 Building Group offers you an extensive approach to funeral homes design and construction. We will work with you from the planning stage to the actual construction of your facility in order to deliver a project that is within your budgeted time and money.

We work with a dedicated team of experts who offer their diverse range of skills to allow us in effectively coordinating your project from start to finish.

Le Pine Funerals, Glen Waverley

Medical Facilities

Due to medical advancements, healthcare facilities nowadays are no longer based on the number of patients they can hold but on the value and quality of service they can provide. That is why the construction on medical facilities have also evolved. The goal now is to strategically place healthcare facilities in order to teach a community on how to become healthier and keep patients out of the hospital faster.

MP1 aims to assist the medical industry with their mission of providing quality healthcare by constructing state-of-the-art and patient-friendly facilities. We provide our service on all phases of the project to ensure timely delivery without any added expenses.


Industry Factory Complexes

Using the latest construction techniques, MP1 builds factory complexes that are cost effective, within the time schedules, and reliable. We work closely with you to have the optimal solution to give you the confidence that the project will be delivered completely and adheres to the safety standards of your local council.


Refurbishments and Extensions of Existing Facilities

Expand and renovate your current facilities to improve your professional image. MP1 can handle being in a working environment without disturbing you and your customers. We take care of improving your office facilities while you take care of running the business.

South Yarra

Heritage-listed Buildings

At MP1 Building Group, we understand the importance of maintaining and conserving a heritage-listed building. Changes might be necessary so the building could adapt to its new uses, but nothing will be done that could compromise its heritage significance.

MP1 assesses everything before any work is done to make sure that no damages will be incurred and the heritage will be preserved.